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Frequently Asked Questions

How do shoppers find my branded online storefront?

Your Plantt-powered online storefront is connected to your website by a prominently-placed SHOP button and/or shopping cart symbol located on your website’s homepage and other web pages. Leverage our “traffic-building best practices guide” to increase traffic to your website and extend your reach, and use our built-in marketing tools to encourage repeat visits.

How does the shopping experience work?

Once a customer clicks the SHOP button or cart symbol and enters your storefront, they will be able to select from the inventory you offer online by either using a search bar or selecting a category of goods to explore and then using filters to narrow down their selection. Your plant items are supplemented with detailed information and pictures to assist the shopper. The shopping experience is similar to many leading online shopping and purchasing experiences, so your customers will feel right at home shopping your store online.

Will it look like my store?

You have the opportunity to style your storefront with your logo and color scheme and to position special offers or products you’d like to highlight, in addition to providing a highly usable online buying experience for all your inventory.

Which items will be sold in my online store?

You have complete control over the items sold on your storefront. When you go through the Plantt set-up process, we will help you connect your inventory system to your online store. Then you simply select items in your inventory system that you would like to appear in your online store.

Can I include custom or rare items?

Yes, we know that your unique merchandise makes you stand out from the crowd. Your custom items can be included on your storefront by entering them into your inventory system and selecting them to appear in the online store. You’ll be able to upload a photo of each item, and you can use our “merchandise photo best practices guide” to make your products shine.

How do I know I have an order?

Your inventory system will be updated when an order is placed online so that you can fulfill it. You will also receive alerts when a transaction occurs.

How do I get paid for the sale?

Payments from your online sales are automatically deposited to your designated bank account.

Does Plantt provide a delivery service?

Yes, Plantt is integrated with a leading delivery service that provides on-demand, four-hour delivery with real-time tracking and insurance in most major metropolitan areas.

How does the customer receive the item?

Based on what you would like to offer, customers can either pick up their items at the store or have them delivered (either by the nursery or the Plantt delivery partner).

What if I do not have a website?

No problem! Your branded storefront can be your main online presence if you do not have your own website.

What does Plantt cost?

Plantt charges a one time set-up fee and then charges a percentage of the total amount of the transaction on an ongoing basis. Contact us at info@plantt.com to learn more about pricing and how to get up and running quickly.

What if I have more than one location?

If you use the same inventory system across locations, it is typically quicker and less costly to add additional site locations versus the initial store. Plantt will work with you to optimize the customer and delivery experience across your network of stores. Contact us at info@plantt.com for more information.

How do I get started with Plantt?

Contact us by completing the form on our website or reaching out directly at info@plantt.com.

What is involved in the technical set up?

After the project kick-off call, you will work with your service manager over the next 6-8 weeks to set up and style your online storefront, connect your inventory system, set up your products, pricing, and business rules, and test and launch your e-commerce solution. We also support you with in-store and online marketing kits and best practice guides to maximize your online business.

What inventory or POS systems do you connect to?

We connect with all major POS providers including Epicor and NCR/Counterpoint.

Are you going to sell or use my customer information?

Plantt will never sell or use your customers’ information without your permission. Period.

What do I do if I need support?

During your set-up process, you will have a dedicated service manager to work through the set-up process with you. Once you are online, you will have a Customer Success Manager and Support resources to work with you on an ongoing basis.