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At Plantt, our mission is to help Garden Centers grow.

Plantt was founded to provide a turnkey e-commerce solution for independent garden centers. We strive to attract new shoppers to local nurseries while increasing value to their current customers. We do this by allowing nurseries to sell their unique inventory online, coupled with the information, tools, and resources that help consumers succeed. In doing this, local nurseries can offer an integrated online and in-store experience that further distinguishes their value from competitors and gives more reach to every physical location.


We have heard from many consumers that they spend a lot of time running around finding plants, and there’s not enough information. Their local garden centers have a variety and depth of merchandise they love and highly knowledgeable staff, but they can’t always get the help they need. Many simply prefer to do their research online in their pajamas! As one consumer, shared: “I just don’t have the knowledge to make better decisions so I can be successful!” At the same time, independent garden center owners told us that they would love to extend their quality products and service levels online, but that it was both cost- and time-prohibitive. Plantt™ is our answer.


Core Beliefs

  • 1. All goods and services can be bought online including nursery and garden center goods.

  • 2. Local garden centers have structural advantages (e.g. proximity, variety, expertise) versus big-box retailers.

  • 3. The right technology and services can help local garden centers significantly grow revenue with a great online purchasing experience.

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